Akjagara Prime: A must-have Warframe weapon

Akjagara Prime: A must-have Warframe weapon

Today I will try to share my experience while using the Akjagara Prime. These are mastery rank 12 bladed double-barreled pistols that arrived with the Mesa prime access.

First of all, this secondary weapon is absolutely gorgeous. This may subjectively be one of the best designed prime pistols in the game right now.

Currently, Akjagara Prime set is not that expensive: it’s roughly 30 plat for a full set, but you can try to get its parts during our giveaways as well.

Now, let’s take a look at its stats.

General Characteristics

Akjagara PrimeAside from its looks, the prime variant is a straight buff from its normal variant. It hits hard, it deals tons of bleed damage, it has a really nice fire rate, and it has a nice small amount of initial punch-through in there as well. The magazine size is 40 but you are firing two bullets per shot so effectively 20.

As a matter of fact, the Akjagara Prime will be firing a very quick succession of two bullets. It almost feels like two bullets fired at the exact same time, but it’s not and that truly matters. If the bullets were to leave the chamber at the exact same time, then your status chance would have been getting divided amongst them. In Akjagara’s Prime case, the burst trigger doesn’t allow the status chance to be divided among your bullets. Akjagara Prime is semi-auto though, which means constantly having to click the trigger every second or so.

The one thing I have always enjoyed about my Akjagara prime is the amount of slash damage that these pistols throw out and the damage that they deal. It will shred enemies in half, because of this. Cough cough, Nekros Prime users, you’re gonna be able to make fantastic slash builds.

Now we all know the fact that slash damage is pretty strong, especially in high-level missions and against enemies with high armor. Slash damage bypasses armors and just makes enemies bleed to death.

Akjagara Prime Build: Viral Goes Viral?

Let’s get into the builds. There’re two major ways of building the Akjagara prime: focusing on corrosive or viral procs. I’m gonna highlight the viral build here because it will be giving you better results over a wider area of situations and circumstances than corrosive build.

The Akjagara Prime is not a forma heavy weapon. It comes with two default V symbols, which is perfect for Hornet strike and Barrel diffusion. My weapon has been forma’ed a total of three times. You can get away with one or two depending on if you have some prime mods or a riven.

So let’s take a look at our first built.

Akjagara Prime Build

First off, the mandatory mods: damage with Hornet strike, multi-shot with Barrel diffusion and Lethal torrent, Critical chance and Critical damage with Primed pistol gambit and Primed target cracker respectively. Of course, if you don’t have prime versions, go ahead and equip your regular versions of mods.

In terms of modding, I always go for a slash viral build first, because it’s mainly a slash weapon. It has a very high base status chance which allows us to proc both viral and slash more often with just little investment on mods.

The advantage of viral is the fact that you don’t need a thousand procs to get the value out of it. Viral on the status proc will be reducing the maximum health of a target to 50% for the duration of the viral effects. So it’s gonna be a lot easier to take out a target using slash as long as the viral doesn’t slip off the target.

In the case of the Akjagara Prime, a higher status chance means more slashes on the target. So I’m using the 60/60 mods to simply amplify the number of slashes on the target.
Slash and viral build can benefit from the critical coming from the primed mods. We can take this build on high-level missions with almost every faction; this makes it an all-rounder build. However, if you are up against the infested, I would recommend an AOE weapons heavily modded in the heat, like the Ignis Wraith.

Overall Conclusion

Akjagara Prime is an absolutely fantastic secondary weapon. It looks insane and it also deals a nice amount of damage. I would definitely recommend picking up this weapon.

The viral build is the perfect mod setup for this weapon. It hits harder than the other mod setup and it’s an all-rounder build, so basically you can just pop your Akjagara prime and just run any mission.

Now that is pretty impressive for a secondary weapon. I know a good amount of primary weapons there are not even close capable of doing something like this. Honestly, it just tears through everything like there’s no tomorrow.

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