Akbronco Prime Build: Mastery Fodder or Not?

Akbronco Prime Build: Mastery Fodder or Not?

Today we’re gonna be talking about the Akbronco Prime and its build.

Properties and main uses of Akbronco Prime

Akbronco Prime is a semi-auto dual shotgun secondary, which requires Mastery rank 10. In order to craft it, you need two copies of Bronco Prime and a single Link.

Akbronco PrimeBeyond point-blank range, the spread of this weapon is massive – you’re only gonna hit like half of your pellets on a single-target. Weapon’s spread can be shrunk to some degree by zooming in, though.

The Akbronco Prime is pretty good against crowds and lower-level enemies, but for higher-level content like anything past level 70 or so, this weapon really struggles.

I’m gonna be honest with you, the Akbronco Prime is a weapon that demands a riven for it. If you don’t have one, it ain’t too good. As a matter of fact, the main use for this weapon that I can think of is either going full blast and having like a CC kind of weapon or, alternatively, switching into corrosive mode and using it as an armor shredder. But even then, why do that when you could just kill the enemies with another weapon instead?

Full Armor Shred Build

This is the build I decided to go with.

Akbronco Prime BuildOn the first line we have the usual and necessary mods: Hornet Strike, Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, and Magnum Force.

Exilus mod is not mandatory, but Lethal Momentum is advisable.

Second line is dedicated to status mods. As you can see, currently only one 60/60 mod is equipped. If there’s a need or some other preferences, Convulsion can be swapped with Jolt mod for more status chance.

I did my best with this Akbronco Prime build and it looks pretty decent on the paper. However…

The Final Verdict

Even as a weapon where the ideal is to swap to Akbronco Prime realy quickly and swap off of it again, it’s not that great. If you have a very strong Riven for Akbronco Prime, try it and you might have some fun, but to be fair, I would not recommend the Akbronco Prime for daily use. This weapon is not worth the time nor the trouble forma’ing it. At least not in the current Warframe meta.

Maybe I’m missing something about this weapon and there’s some kind of hidden secret build that’s really good. If there is, leave it down in the comments below.

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