Warframe Platinum Guide: Quick & Easy Profit

Warframe Platinum Guide: Quick & Easy Profit

Welcome to Smoothtown.net Warframe platinum guide, where we’ll be showing you several methods to get free platinum consistently.

Let’s be clear here: you can’t farm platinum in the game. There are no missions that will reward you with platinum. The only direct way you can get it is by taking out the credit card and spending real-life money… or alternatively, you can farm stuff and sell it to other players for a fair amount of platinum. Keep in mind, every tradable item you obtain is essentially free platinum.

Free Warframe PlatinumPlayers need to enable 2-Factor Authentication on the official Warframe site in order to gain access to trade. There’s also a minimum Mastery requirement of Rank 2. Besides, you cannot use starter platinum for trading, most likely to prevent people from making dozens of dummy accounts and transferring all that free platinum to their main account.

Since everybody wants free stuff, let’s forget the credit card method for now and focus on indirect platinum farming. If you’re a newer player, try to unlock all the nodes in the star chart and finish all the story missions first. That’s the best advice we can give. Unlocking all in the star chart means you will have more mission variety.

Warframe Prime Parts & Relics

First up, whether you are new to the game or a veteran player, selling prime parts to other players is the easiest, the most accessible and the most reliable way to obtain platinum. It may seem that there’s nothing much to go over here, just crack open relics to obtain prime parts, but there’s more to it than that.

The best way to benefit from cracking open the relics is to go on void fissure missions with a team. It doesn’t matter if it’s with an organized group or just public groups. As long as you got three members with you, then you have a better chance to get (and choose) a good Prime part from a relic.

It’s better to collect parts for sets and sell the set instead. They typically go for a little more platinum than the individual parts combined.

For Warframes and weapons which come out of the Prime Vault, it’s best to farm their sets and store them till they are vaulted again to gain greater profits.

Ducats Instead of Platinum?

Warframe Ducats

Not all prime parts can be sold for a hefty amount of platinum. Some are considered prime junk which usually sells for 1 platinum per piece. Instead of selling them, stack them and turn them into ducats. It is the primary currency required for purchasing items sold by Baro Ki’Teer. The idea is to invest those ducats in primed mods, like Primed Target Cracker (~145p), Primed Pistol Gambit (~38p), Primed Pressure Point (~75p), Primed Reach(~39p) and more.

How do you farm relics in Warframe?

It’s time to farm those relics that hold the Prime parts. Capture and exterminate missions are the fastest. The best missions are Hepit on Void for Lith relics, Ukko on Void for both Neo and Meso relics, and the disruption mission on Lua, Apollo, for the AXI relics. You can farm any relics on these missions if you want, but we suggest you focus on farming Axi relics.

Warframe Void Relics

The most important thing about the Apollo mission is a minimal number of conduits you need to defend per round in order to get an Axi relic. You should defend all four conduits in the first round, at least three in round 2, just two conduits in round 3 and only one in round 4 and onwards. It’s worth doing an endless run on this mission since you need to defend just one conduit for Axi relic and let the enemies destroy the rest.

Prime parts farming may or may not be the best option when it comes to free platinum, but it can definitely become overwhelming after a while. Especially if you do the exact thing over and over again.

Some players choose to do other activities that would take arguably more time to earn similar rewards, but much more entertaining than just farming prime parts alone.

Nightmare Mode Missions Rewards

These mods are special mods obtained from nightmare mode missions. Nightmare mode is a difficulty modifier applied to a regular mission. Nothing else will change for the mission, apart from the modifier itself. Current modifiers are Timer, No shields, Energy Drain, Health Vampire, Low Gravity, and Death Detonation. Completing this mission rewards you with a nightmare mod.

Nightmare mod drops are split into three reward tiers based on the planet they’re on.

  • Easy which includes nightmare missions from Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars
  • Medium which includes missions on Phobos, Ceres, Jupiter, Europa, Saturn, the void, and Lua.
  • Hard which includes missions on Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Eris, and Sedna.

The Kuva fortress nightmare mission has a chance to drop a mod from any rewards here.

It’s recommended to do the hard missions for consistent platinum, as the mods from that reward pool are worth 10 to 15 platinum instead of the 2 to 5 platinum from the other reward tiers. However, do keep in mind the easy missions have a 1% chance at dropping Blaze or Hammer Shot which are both worth about 40 platinum each.

Orokin vaults

Next up, Orokin vaults. These are special vaults on the Orokin derelicts that can be unlocked with one of the four unique void keys, also known as Dragon keys. Their Blueprints can be obtained from Orokin Lab in your Clan Dojo. They, like the Orokin derelict single-use keys, are relatively cheap to build so crafting them is not an issue.

You can search for Orokin vaults solo, just make sure you have all four Dragon keys equipped (preferably on Inaros, Nezha, or Rhino) and an Orokin derelict capture key ready. Complete the objective as usual then scout the tileset for the special room. It’s faster to extract and redo the same mission if you’re taking longer than 5 minutes to find the room.

Warframe Dragon Keys

The Orokin vault drops corrupted mods, which go for 5 to 15 platinum depending on the mod. An example of a more expensive mod is Transient Fortitude which goes for about 15 platinum.

Kuva Lich Hunt and Requiem Relics

Let’s move on to requiem relics. With the Kuva Lich update Requiem relics were introduced. These relics contain the special Requiem mods required to take down Kuva Liches.

You can quickly farm relics from Kuva Siphon missions. A Kuva Flood guarantees a requiem relic each time. You can ignore the Kuva Siphon part of the mission, just complete the regular objective and extract for the relic. Crack open these relics with other players in the squad to obtain requiem mods which sell for 10 plat or so.

For those of you hunting Kuva Liches, a Kuva Lich with a decent weapon and an Ephemera can be sold for anywhere from 75 to 200 plat depending on the combination. There’s no proper market yet for Kuva Lich trading so prices may vary. Rule of thumb though, convert instead of vanquish your Lich to trade it.

Syndicate Weapons & Warframe Augment Mods

Next up, Warframe Augment Mods and Syndicate Weapons. These are mods and weapons which can be purchased with Syndicate standing. Former are consistently worth 10 to 15 platinum and latter 25 to 45 plat. Of course, to buy these you’ll have to farm Syndicate standing. Aside from equipping Syndicate Sigils and doing the Syndicate missions daily, it’s recommended to farm medallions as medallions ignore the daily cap for syndicate standing.

Equip Primed Animal Instinct (or regular), Thief’s Wit and/or Loot Detector for easier medallion farming. These mods will highlight containers and loot on your mini-map. Use AOE weapons or Warframe abilities to break containers and anything remaining on your mini-map could be a medallion since medallions can’t be destroyed.

Warframe syndicate medallions farming

Additional ways to get free Warframe Platinum

Cetus bounties. Tier 3, 4, and 5 bounties drop mods from the Gladiator, Vigilante, and Augur mod sets. Common mods like Vigilante armaments go for 5 platinum, while rarer mods like Augur Secrets and Gladiator Vice go for roughly 20 platinum. Bounties double up as a relic farm for Prime relics as well, making them an eligible way to farm platinum.

Sorties. Anasa Ayatan Sculptures go for 10 platinum while veiled Rivens can go for up to 30 platinum. But in this case, you can only obtain Sortie rewards once a day. Moreover, it’s heavily RNG based, making it not an entirely reliable method to acquire platinum.

Selling God roll Riven (or alike). It would take a really long time to roll and sell an expensive Riven, depending on how lucky you are, of course. It’s quite rewarding when it comes to platinum, but the time needed to invest makes this method a second-rate choice.

Hunting the Acolytes. This one is a must if you wish to get dozens of platinum in the form of expensive mods, such as Argon Scope, Maiming Strike, and Weeping Wounds. The downside is that Acolytes reappear..once a year?!

Pavlov, Lua spy mission rewards. Most players hate spy missions and Lua is the hardest one by far if you’re using anything other than Limbo or Wukong, that is. Lua offers a lot of unique mods which means the plat prices have been driven up quite a bit. High Noon (12p), Rime Rounds (20p), and Scattering Inferno (10p) are among the most worthy ones.


These methods have helped us a lot in gaining enough platinum to buy everything we need. You can do it at your own pace and it’s not so hard to do, especially with so many methods to choose from.

Warframe Platinum DiscountIn case you find all of this too troublesome, then perhaps claiming platinum discounts such as 75% off your next platinum purchase can provide you with such needed platinum without a hassle. Think about it. Instead of spending 10 USD for 170 platinum, you would get the same amount just for 2.5 USD. Some people value their time more than money (or just don’t have the time to spare) but still want to progress in the game more quickly. If you are one of them, you should consider this option as well.

And that’s about it. Hopefully, some of these tricks are of help to you. We would love to hear if you have any other ways to farm Warframe platinum. Please let us know in the comments down below.

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