Uncharted 4: is that really the best game now on PS4?

Uncharted 4: is that really the best game now on PS4?

If I was told I could only ever play one game on the PS4 it would be very difficult to select a title that provides the right balance of graphics, action and would remain a challenge to play. There is no doubt that Uncharted 4 would make the shortlist.

In fact, there are several reasons why it would be the title and potential the best game currently available for the PS4:

  • Merging Past with Today

The popularity of big budget title has waned in recent years; even the narrative style of game is proving to be less popular. However, Uncharted 4 manages to utilize the latest special effects and created a stunning game. It is fast paced, challenging and ambitious. But it also respects its own history and ensures it remains true to the original plotlines. This is rare in any game!

  • Graphic Quality

Naughty Dog has a history of providing top class games. Uncharted 4 actually runs at 30 frames per second making the scenes and characters incredibly believable. I find it easy to become immersed in the terrain.

  • Flexibility

The game should take about 15 hours to complete. However, there are so many different options throughout the game that it is possible to play an almost entirely different game on your second run through! It also offers an exciting multiplayer option.

  • You Need a PS4

Most of the major gaming consoles have a game which is only playable on them and justifies you purchasing the console. Uncharted 4 is the game for the PS4. It can be considered the first real killer game and Sony are obviously aware of this.

They have produced Playstations and accessories branded with the Uncharted 4 images!

  • The Detail

It doesn’t matter if you are looking round a room, reading a book or in the middle of a fight; there will be many small details in every scene which can assist you in understanding the game scenario and dramatically improving your game playing experience. The attention to detail is truly staggering!

  • Target Market

This is huge! Because the game can be played in multiplayer mode and by a range of skill levels it appeals to a huge number of gamers. Whether you are a hard core gamer with the ability to play the most complex games available, or a new gamer; you will enjoy this game!

It is this mass appeal, attention to detail and its ability to immerse you in a story is the reason I would state this is the best game now on the PS4 and likely to remain so for the foreseeable future!