Trove: Delves Update + Free Giveaway

Trove: Delves Update + Free Giveaway

Today we’re reintroducing Trove, a massive multiverse adventure game. Trove is the perfect compilation of some of the greatest games online. It has the art style and visuals of Minecraft and the MMO aspect of Runescape, plus RPG elements of Diablo. And it’s free-to-play. Almost everything in the Trove store can be purchased using free obtainable credits.

When I tried Trove for the first time it was shortly after its release and I wasn’t exactly blown away by the game. It felt fun and entertaining for the first few levels but after that it really kind of fell off. So I put Trove aside. Till recently, that is.

Trove: The Game, Explained for New Players

Now for those who have not tried this game here’s a little insight as to what it is. Trove doesn’t focus on story. Instead it focuses on the combat as you travel across multiple worlds to build your character.

Trove Classes

Trove Class CoinThe game offers 16 classes to choose from, which is plenty.

Each class gets four skills and the subclass ability to take an additional passive ability from another class like the ability to activate a shield, granting your attacks a chance to restore health or a chance to deal bonus damage to enemies. This adds a bit of variety to customizing the way players use each class.

Trove Worlds

The game gives you 35 worlds to explore. Each has their own quests, dungeons, lairs and sights to find. There’s also PvP available for those of you who like to compete.

Then there’s also something called Clubs which function like guilds and these have their own worlds.

Another big part of the game is you can build things. You have the ability to remove blocks, to add blocks, you can make your guild hall world as big as you would like. Then you have your personal house you can customize as well.

So there’s a lot of customization that can happen in the game in terms of building.

Progression in Trove

Besides World building there are two types of progression in this game.

  • Trove rank – an overarching rank which unlocks permanent boosts over time.
  • Class progression – every class a character has will be leveled separately, just like any other RPG.

Each class gets its own set of gear. You can improve this gear over time as you go do content and then gear will drop. So you want to be able to equip those things, otherwise you’ll have to go out and farm it all over again. Especially if you haven’t started that character yet.

Gear drops very frequently and it’s very easy to get loot in general. However, there are rarity tiers as well, with each tiered rarity being better than the previous. Crystal is by far the best possible gear and its level 4 drops in Delves exclusively:

Trove Rarity Tiers

  • Common (Colorless)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Gold/Orange)
  • Relic (Red)
  • Resplendent (Rainbow)
  • Shadow (Black)
  • Radiant (White)
  • Stellar (Yellow)
  • Crystal (Aqua)

It is surprising how quickly you’re able to get gear and climb the rarity ladder at the beginning of the game. Once you start getting Relics though that’s when things really start to slow down.
This game features tons of things created by the community: dungeons, character skins, styles, weapons, armor, gear, mounts, etc.

You can change anything and everything about the game using mods.

Trove Delves: Endgame Content

Trove DelvesDelves is the next big update for Trove and it helped to solve one of the biggest problems players had with the game originally and that was endgame.

Delves bring endless dungeon content to the game along with new bosses, sets of Crystal gear and race against the clock system.

Game Mechanics

Delves is fairly straightforward in terms of mechanics.

You’re given objectives to complete in order to spawn a boss that you need to defeat before the timer runs out. If you’re able to do that, then you get to dive deeper into the delve.

You get to face more difficult enemies and get better rewards. If you fail to complete the objective or to kill the boss then you start over at your current depth as at a checkpoint. This allows you to stop and then come back later and keep going deeper and deeper if you want to.

To spice things up, each time you spawn into a delve there are multiple monster modifiers that spawn as well. Things like magical barriers, increase damage to players and health regeneration – all of these things stack together to make the game more difficult.

Team Composition

You can get together with 8 players, dive into delves, defeat some bosses and see how deep you can go before you need to exit and adjust your gear. Maybe even change your class.
Getting into these delves is actually pretty simple. Devs added a new portal in the hub world. You can queue up solo or you can queue up in a party, it does not matter that much. Once you queue up solo though, it should put you into a party with people around your delve level.

Weekly “Challenge Delves”

Trove Delves CoinsThere are weekly Delves that put all players on an equal playing field with the same modifiers, the same enemies in the same settings and the main goal there is to go as deep as you possibly can and have the fastest time around. You can climb your way up the leaderboard for rewards and things like that.

There is also a private delve that you can build yourself in your house. You can set all the rules and settings and then dive in with your friends and have a good time.

Trove isn’t an overly complex game, so don’t expect anything like a World of Warcraft style of character development. It’s pretty much a hit or miss thing. I personally had a good time playing it, it’s quick to pick up and with the arrival of Delves update it finally has some decent endgame content.

Trove Level 10 Coin Giveaway

Smoothtown has prepared special Trove codes that will help the newer players to progress faster on the first levels of this amazing game.
Leave a comment with your favourite Trove class and some of you will be rewarded soon after with a “Level 10 Coin.”

How to Redeem Your Code:

  • Register at Trove.
  • For PC: follow the Trove registration to create a Glyph account and then follow the voucher flow to use the code provided.
  • For Console: Same as above. Don’t forget to link your Microsoft or Sony account with Glyph. How to link your Trove console account to your Trion Worlds account can be found here.

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