A board game is a game that requires a well-defined gaming surface, usually called a board or dashboard where there are no more specific terms related to the specific game involved (such as chessboard or darts); on the surface are usually placed and / or moved pieces that, always in the absence of more specific terms, will be called tokens. Obviously it is not a category that can be given a very precise definition; For example, the concept of a board can also be meant in the opposite direction (it will include the case of individual player placements, tables assembled as part of the game, etc.). In essence, you could include in this category any game that requires a table or similar surface, but excluding the traditional card games, which are a world to itself; or you can get back to the expression (all in all, no less vague) “boxed games“. 

Boxed games 

boxed games

These are games that never go out of fashion, play games that do not fear meeting video games because they respond to a different need for fun, are board games, boxes that parents pass on to their children, children to more siblings small and so on, timeless classic that made history. 

There are world-class table games, classic boxes that bring together the family or a group of friends around a table. Although the invention of the major classics dates back to the first period after the Second World War and the 1960s, table games, understood as packaging as well known today, began its large-scale diffusion around the 1980s pushed especially from a precise commercial communication aimed mainly at the target of the middle class family with free time to go to the family. 

Most popular – quiz games 

The most popular and sold table games in the world have always been quiz games such as Trivial, Risiko, and the classic Tombola and Monopoli. These are games that, though upgraded and modernized over the years, have never lost their winning features, that is, a practical package to assemble, simple rules and lots of fun to engage all players. Table games are generally ranked according to the number of top players, there are two games, for example a classic 80s was Guess who, the games of 4 or more players, from Monopoli to Scarabeo to Risiko. 

Casino games 


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