Equinox Prime: Get Free Warframe Prime Set

Equinox Prime: Get Free Warframe Prime Set

Have you ever wondered how people obtain Warframe prime parts? Or even Glyphs? By playing or paying, of course. But this time you have an entirely different option. Leave a comment with your user name, mastery rank (MR) and a reason why you should get a free Warframe Prime set. I‘ll draw a randomwinner from the comments section soon after DE announces the next vaulted Warframe!

Maybe my festive mood hasn’t disappeared just yet or I went totally altruistic/nuts this year, but I‘m willing to give away my extra Equinox Prime set for one lucky PC player. No hidden links, chains of redirects or any other scammy crap.

Equinox Prime: Is it worth it?

Equinox Prime SetGuess what was my very first Prime Warframe? You guessed it right (or wrong?), Equinox Prime. Putting sentimental value aside, Equinox is a very diverse frame and can adapt to any situation. It holds some of the most dynamic playstyles in the entire game and can be changed during a mission by jumping between two different stances which are its day and night mode.

Fun fact: The version of Equinox you spawn as is dictated by your primary energy color. Light/bright energy color = the day mode. Very dark/deep color = the night mode.

In short, day mode is a more aggressive mode that relies on dealing damage through your fourth ability with MAME and giving a buff to your allies through your third ability.

Night mode focuses much more on healing and crowd control. It provides a bit of healing, pacifies enemies and then debuffs them. Not to mention it also offers an element of stealth/focus farming as you can use it to sleep enemies.

Equinox Prime is a frame that does benefit greatly from its augments and can change playstyle quite dramatically based on which of these augments you have equipped. So basically, different types of players will enjoy this frame for a different reason.

Happy hunting, Tenno!


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