Dragon Age Origins – What I Didn’t Expect from This Game

Dragon Age Origins – What I Didn’t Expect from This Game

If you haven’t played Dragon Age: Origins yet then you should pick up this title as soon as possible!  The game can be played on the Playstation 3 or the Xbox 360 and is an example of gaming at its best.

Whether you choose to be a warrior, mage or even a rogue you will be tasked with defeating the Archdemon and his legion of followers.  Although it is played in the third person, it was surprising and useful to be able to switch to a ‘top-down’ view.  This provided me with the opportunity to device strategies and really moved the game forward.


What was surprising was the level of humor in this game.  Dragon Age: Origins doesn’t take itself too seriously and adds a variety of scenes where you will find yourself both surprised and amused.

For instance, there are a huge number of in-game jokes which subtly connect the different games.  Swooping is a common theme; referred to by the King and other characters; often in a very tongue-in-cheek manner.

The Ending

What was, perhaps, one of the biggest surprises for me was the ending of the game.  Most games finish with you defeating the enemy.  However, Dragon Age: Origins goes on to tell you how your actions have affected the ‘normal’ people in the game.  This helps to make the game more realistic and entices you back to playing it again and again; from a different angle each time.


Many of the games I’ve played are simply about getting through the levels and completing the game; often faster than my friends.  But the creators of Origins have worked hard to allow you to become immersed in this game!  Whilst the ending detail helps you to feel rooted in your character, the major enemies you meet along the way all have their own personalities.  You actually want to defeat them!

Lasting Appeal

Dragon Age: Origins is a halfway house.  It attempts to blend the hardcore role playing games that came before it with a more approachable style; designed to appeal to the masses.  What surprises me is that it succeeded and, even today, is an enjoyable game to play!

The characters and story lines can be as complex as you wish to make them; it is this which makes it a great game.  You can immerse yourself to the level that you want; whether you aim to complete the story or not.  But, you will always be aware of the consequences of your actions.

Dragon Age: Origins is still a relevant and fun to play game; despite having being superseded by ones which are graphically better.  What it does do is set the benchmark and allow role playing games to find a new audience.