How to become a real gamer?

How to become a real gamer?

Most do not need to explain who a gamer is. Anyone who knows at least a little of English, knows that this word means a person whose main passion is computer games. People who belong to this category, each year appears more and more. This is due to the fact that the personal computer and game consoles become more accessible, and the games themselves are more vivid and realistic.

Computer games: hobbies or work?

Only at first glance this question may seem stupid. In fact, today there are many tournaments for cyber sportsmen, where you can win very good money. True, it is worth noting that this kind of earnings is not suitable for everyone, since only a few can become a top-level gamer.

Indeed, along with the popularity of e-sports has acquired a lot of rich sponsors and just rich admirers who are ready to invest their money in the development of the virtual industry. People who like to hang out all day at the computer, get excited about the fact that you can get a salary for it.

But if for an amateur this is just a pipe dream, then at the professional level without a sponsor really can not do. The thing is that training for gamers is an indispensable stage in preparation for the competition. At the same time, they can take up to 18-20 hours a day. With such a schedule, it is unlikely to work or study together.

Our whole life is a game!

This saying is relevant for people who are addicted to computer games, as for anyone else. It is the best way to understand who a gamer is. This is a very stubborn person, who is difficult to turn off the chosen path. He is ready to put his life on the line for the sake of doing what he likes.

To achieve these goals, players even develop special techniques and come up with individual exercises that are suitable for each specific situation. So, for example, for a successful game in Counter-Strike, it’s very important to train the reaction. For gamers who specialize in football simulators, a more significant skill will be the ability to quickly navigate through keyboard shortcuts.

Community of computer game enthusiasts

Today, approximately 0.5% of the world’s population are active players in computer games. Large events of this kind can attract up to 10,000 spectators and participants. Even gaming girls, who used to be very rare, now compete on a par with men.

Computer games are popular in a variety of age categories – from small children to the elderly. In order to understand who a gamer is, you need to turn to statistics. Surveys conducted in developed countries show that about 80% of adolescents under the age of 18 prefer to spend their free time, buried in the monitor. Among people aged 18-25 this indicator declines slightly, but after 30 years there is a sharp drop from 60% to 0.1% when reaching the mark of 50 years.

The social status of players also directly depends on the above indicators. Thus, it turns out that the greatest popularity of e-sports is for high school students, students of technical schools and students of 1-3 courses of higher educational institutions. There are fewer working people among gamers, and it’s not worth talking about pensioners at all, as it’s almost impossible to catch them playing, for example, in Dota or Counter-Strike. Although the World of Tanks certainly could have come to the liking of many veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

History of eSports

Cybersport owes its appearance to the game Quake. It was thanks to her in 1997 that the first league of virtual athletes CPL (Cyberathlete Professional League) appeared. But real experts remember that the first game with the cooperative regime was Doom 2.

Now tournaments are held in the following disciplines:

  • Counter-Strike.
  • Quake.
  • Dota.
  • StarCraft.
  • Warcraft.
  • Unreal Tournament.
  • FIFA.
  • World of Tanks.
  • Point blank.

Profits of professional gamers

Who is a gamer and how is he different from a parasite who is ready to sit all day at the computer just to do nothing? The difference becomes clear only when you find out what colossal amounts are played at the biggest e-sports competitions.

International forums dedicated to computer games are held around the world. There is even a kind of analogue of the Olympic Games, which is the prestigious WCG tournament (Word Cyber ​​Games). It began in 2000. No less popular are the following conferences:

  • Cyberathlete Professional League.
  • Electronic Sports League.
  • Electronic Sports World Cup.

As for the prize fund, it is different for each tournament and varies from year to year. The situation depends on the opportunities and the desire to participate in the event from the sponsors. As an example, you can take the data of the 2013 World Cup on Dota 2, which played almost 3 million dollars. But the record belongs to a tournament called Taipei Assasins. His prize fund in 2012 was as much as $ 5 million.

Another profitable way is playing gambling games. Most of them don’t classify as sport, except poker in some countries, but it is highly paying in terms of profits. You can read some examples by clicking here but trust me when I say it, online games can make you a millionaire. If you are good at them, that is.

Thus, it becomes clear that by doing what you love and enjoying, you can earn yourself a comfortable old age, but for this you need to be a real professional in your business.

Semi-professional and amateur online leagues


All at once happens only in fairy tales. Conquer the tops of the game world is not so simple, it requires talent, a share of luck and a lot of patience. Even on condition that all the previously listed is in the right amount, do not expect to instantly get into the elite of the world e-sports.

Indeed, competition among players is very high, and every year it increases, as more and more people want to become a gamer. At the same time, the soldiers, hardened in virtual battles, are not in a hurry to give way to young talents.

What he is, and who he is, a gamer must prove his own game. But how to do this, if the professional leagues are new to the entrance is almost closed. For this, there are amateur and semi-professional associations of players. They all serve one purpose, namely the training and training of new cybersportsmen. The most famous and prestigious of them are:

  • INEL.
  • ESL.
  • ClanBase.
  • CSPL.

Such online leagues are more open and act as a launching pad for further achievements in the game field. Especially since in tournaments held under their supervision, almost everyone can take part.