About Us

Ever needed a home away from home? Want to just chill out and talk about awesome stuff like video games, movies and music? Well, that’s why we’re here to provide that relaxed atmosphere while also having a grand ol’ time.

Our reviews are done through our established “honor system” (meaning none of our reviews are “BS” or faked), our news coverage are done as straightforward as possible and our giveaways are done fairly, but we are human so there will be instances where we slip up on the latter two.

However, we notice the error of our ways and we’ll apologize accordingly with quick fixes served along the way.

With every step we take, Smooth Town becomes bigger and better. We can’t do that without you guys, so while we might be treated to success, we then turn back the luck towards you guys through our giveaways and other contests

Our mission statement is simple: “Have fun.”