FREE Trove Codes for Trovian Tumbler Mount

FREE Trove Codes for Trovian Tumbler Mount

Now you have a chance to win free Trove Codes for Trovian Tumbler Mount. If you are casual Trove player, you probably have seen or at least heard what this mount is all about. Leave a reply with your chosen random number between 1 – 100 and wait for upcoming winner announcement. Just don’t spam us with multiple guesses and you are good to go.

Trovian Tumbler Mount

Trovian Tumbler MountOriginally, the Tumbler was a vehicle used by Batman himself. So it’s not a surprise that Trovian Tumbler Mount by its looks is a definite reference to that specific car.

Although a Tumbler in Trove isn’t packed with a bunch of gadgets and weapons, yet it comes with 50 of Mastery and 90 points of Movement Speed. Not to mention its design is absolutely fantastic (thanks to Screamheart).

Sometimes the bad guys just need a good throttling – Item description.

Trovian Tumbler was available as a freebie to honor Trove’s first anniversary to those who logged in between July 12 and July 25 of 2016. So exactly 3 years have passed since then and its rather symbolic that we are able to repeat this pleasant gesture of providing you with the same Trove mount.

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