Black Squad Codes: Get your free key now!

Black Squad Codes: Get your free key now!

Black Squad is one of those super famous free to play first person shooter games. In order to increase its popularity further, prepared a special Black Squad Codes giveaway. Rules are simple and, for some of you, already known. Just type a random number between 1 and 100 so that I could pick one lucky winner. No double posting – one user gets one chance to win a free key. Those who don’t know much about Black Squad, feel free to read our short summary based on impression playing it for the first time down below.

Black Squad Codes rewards

One lucky number guesser awarded with Black Squad Code will get the following:

  • Desert Eagle Neon Red

    DSR-1 Crania
    DSR-1 Crania
  • DSR-1 Crania
  • Fire Chest Effects
  • Fire Footstep Effects
  • G36 GL Damascus Gold
  • M18 Smoke Tropen Blue
  • M67 H/G Halloween
  • Nimravus Baroque
  • Skeleton Character

How to redeem Black Squad Codes

  1. Install Black Squad here.Black Squad Codes activation
  2. Launch Steam Client
  3. Locate ”Add a Game” on the bottom left hand corner.
  4. Select ”Activate a Product on Steam
  5. Enter the Steam Key in ”Product Code
  6. Claim your rewards in-game!

First time impressions of the game

The game was launched by NS STUDIO on 28th of July 2017. I thought it was way older for some reason, probably due to its graphics. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the graphics are completely trash, they are fine, but it simply feels older than 2017.

I decided to do something new and to see some reviews of the game before actually reviewing it myself. What can I say… they are mostly abusive and even though the community overall is really loving Black Squad till this day, there are some issues apparently that have never been fixed.

I can’t truly tell, because I’m not a veteran of this game obviously, I’m just reviewing it.

I’m not gonna lie, the game is really unique. I’ve never actually played the first person shooter like this before, which makes it among one of the best free to play first person shooters out there. Remember that every game will have negative comments no matter what. Nothing is ever perfect. So just because there is hate, doesn’t mean the game is bad. In fact, I actually really enjoyed a couple of matches insofar. It is really a lot of fun. The game is really simple to comprehend. So I won’t truly go through its main menu options in details, but you guys can see some of it below.

You spawn really fast in the game and you spawn with the blue shield around your character for a bit before you take damage. I love how the developers address this issue of spawn camping in the most unique way possible, but yet still very simple.

The mechanics are solid, the sound of head-shots and getting killed is really satisfying. The weapons doesn’t seem overpowered at all. However, the game is really unique to the point where shooting mechanics actually have their own design behind them. What I’m trying to say is that the game is really different from your typical other shooters out there. So all that in mind I suggest to try it for yourself.


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