Minion Masters Codes Giveaway and Game Review

Minion Masters Codes Giveaway and Game Review

Today I have a different game in mind that I wanted to cover. I’m sure you guessed by the title, it is Minion Masters.  Probably many of you are wondering what is Minion Masters and why am I taking the time to talk to you all about it. For the simple reason that this game is worth a try. As an extra I have free Minion Masters codes prepared for you.

If you’ve come here just for a code, here is the drill. Leave a comment with a random number between 1-100, and we will be in contact with the code winners shortly! One comment per user.

Minion Masters Codes

Minion Masters Rammer
Current Minion Masters Code will give players the following:

  • 1x guaranteed rare demon card, a Rammer
  • 1x matching Rammer Avatar
  • 3x random cards
  • 1x rare skin for the ranged hero Stormbringer to get others to notice you

How to redeem your Minion Masters code

  • Get the game free on Steam
  • Complete the tutorial
  • Unlock the Shop (Lvl 7) and open it
  • Click “Redeem”, upper right corner
  • Insert code

Introduction to Minion Masters

Minion Masters ReviewMinion masters is a online multiplayer accident card game one that distinguishes itself from its more generic competition by adding an infusion of MOBA game mechanics. Players face off in top-down 1v1 or 2v2 arenas using a pre-arranged card layout that they themselves customized prior to the beginning of the match. The match will start with a short cutscene with the narrator introducing the two players and then commencing the fight.

You can combat your opponent by casting cards and in doing so activating that specific minion or ability featured on the card. However, in order to cast a minion or ability you must first have the Mana required to do so. The amount of mana required for each minion or ability will be clearly listed as a number featured on the corner of the card itself.

Players will passively generate Mana via a recharge meter at the bottom of the screen. Players can greatly increase the default passive speed of the Mana meter by capturing one or both of the two lands on the map. Those acts as control points which can be instantly taken by one side or the other if left uncontested by the opposing team. If two teams are contesting one of the lands then the land will be effectively nullified and will no longer provide any benefit to either team until one side takes it.

Gameplay: classic tower defense game

Minion Masters GameplayThe gameplay is sitting beside the card system entirely. It strongly evokes memories of classic tower-defense games from the 90s and 2000’s. The amount of possible deck combinations is massive. I’ve already unlocked about two dozen cards and there are many more I still have yet to unlock. Assuming the developers continue to add new cards over time you’re going to continue to see crazy need deck combinations constantly shifting the tags battle in any given game.

While organizing an ideal card deck is critical to ensuring victory over your opponent, the number one ingredient to success is good time management. Knowing the difference between when to push the advantage and force away into enemy territory versus when it’s best pull back and reorganize your forces will help you as a player far more than any card deck combination ever could.

Unlike most of the card games or MOBAs, the average 1v1 match length is pretty short – with most match duration in my experience working out to be between 3 to 6 minutes long.

I’m sure that individual matches can greatly exceed this length probably going up to 7 or 10 minutes but for me – as someone currently working their way up the ladder – matches tend to be really short.

Ranking System

Speaking of competitive ladder, unlike most other competitive driven games on the market, which normally offer both casual and competitive game modes separately, Minion Masters factors in normal competitive ranking throughout the whole game with players divided into nine competitive rankings:Grand Master Rank

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Grand Master

For instance, as of the time of reviewing it, roughly two hours into playing the game, I have currently worked my way up into bronze and I’m hoping to get myself into silver fairly soon.

While there is definitely a small learning curve during the initial few hours of play, this game is very accessible to players of all skill levels. That said, the skill ceiling is very high, as well players may not have trouble understanding the fundamental gameplay mechanics. There is a lot of sophistication in regards to how deck building and combat strategy works.

The main drawback

Now while largely I’ve been praising the game, it’s not an unconditional love. I do have a rather notable bone to pick over the game’s forced implementation of loot boxes.

Now when it comes to loot boxes as a concept I generally maintain a fairly neutral perspective.

Minion Masters ChestMinion Masters implementation of loot boxes is not so benign. Loot boxes here will offer you a chance at unlocking among other things, new minion or ability, summoning cards offering a direct in-game advantage to those who may potentially choose to spend money on stockpiling new boxes similar to but not quite as blatantly abusive as Star Wars Battlefront II.

I don’t by default hate or judge schemes just because they have some sort of loot bugs mechanic micro-transaction system. To me the line is drawn in the sand when a game goes beyond just offering cosmetic material, like skins, voice lines, emotes, etc.

To combine this with the fact that upon leveling up after a match the game will immediately force you to open any new boxes you may have unlocked.

When you’re opening multiple loot boxes in a row the unboxing animation gets old fairly quickly. There’s no perceivable way to skip this and proceed to the game’s menu or alternatively throw yourself into a new game. This is incredibly distracting and needlessly waste the player’s time.


In conclusion I can say that Minion Masters is definitely enjoyable in both short and in extended durations. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out on this title as it hopefully continues to get the development support it needs to grow further.

I’ll see you all next time with a new giveaway and/or review. Stay cool everybody and peace out.

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