Trove Codes Contest #1: winner announcement

Trove Codes Contest #1: winner announcement

So today marks the final day of the Trove codes contest announced on 17 June. Fortunately for the participants, the competition was minimal and only two visitors expressed their intention to receive free Streamer Dream code.

Indeed, our website traffic has dropped dramatically over past few years due to its inactivity, but to such an extent? Perhaps Trove is not as popular as it used to be too..?

Oh well, whatever, nevermind.

Either way, the winner takes it all and this time around, he/she is:Streamer Dream Trove code winner

Hans with the lucky number 68.

Congrats Hans, I will send the Streamer Dream code to you right now. And good luck Ruslan next time. Speaking of which…

Future Giveaways to claim free Trove codes

I can promise you guys that more free Trove codes are yet to come, but I still didn’t figure it out the right way to distribute them.

Pssst, I’ve even got a free Trovian Tumbler Mount code prepared.

Stay tuned.

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