Trove giveaway: Streamer Dream codes contest

Trove giveaway: Streamer Dream codes contest

How long has it been since our last giveaway? Too long, that’s for sure. Today we’ll bring back this tradition with highly anticipated Trove giveaway of Streamer Dream codes. To make things simple, a random number contest will be held. Please read further for more information. Psst, it’s worth it!

Trion Creator Program

Trion Creator Program also known as Trion Worlds Creator Program has been one of my favorite Trion’s promotional features. Once accepted, official members of this Program used to be able to receive a certain amount of Streamer Dream box codes to giveaway to their subscribers or followers. As this doesn’t include Modders and Content Creators, but only people behind various fansites, promotional art, YouTube videos and livestreams, I’ve participated in this program too.

Once all Trion assets were acquired by Gamigo, creators (including me) stopped receiving codes. Some say Trion Creator Program would come back soon and others say its gone for good. I found a legitimate answer from Trion Community Manager in one of their forums on 05-20-2019 saying that it’ll need a bit of time to make this happen again:

Trion Creator Program

Trove giveaway contest

Good news is that I still got a few Streamer Dream codes left to share. To be more precise, 30 of these codes have never been used before. My idea is to giveaway these Trove codes in a very fun and easy way: just leave a comment with a random number between 1 and 100 and during a span of one month I’ll reward a person who typed the same number as me with a single free Streamer Dream code. If there are duplicate numbers, the person who entered it first in the comment section below will be the winner. No multiple accounts or guesses, please. Play fare and you’ll be rewarded fairly.

If you exceed my expectations with an active participation, I may adjust the rules for future Trove giveaways.

In case you’re wondering how to redeem Trove promo codes, we have a handy guide prepared for this.

Opening the Streamer Dream

As some of you may already know, the Streamer Dream is an unlocker that grants any item (mostly allies) the player does not already own, with an equal chance of each:Streamer Dream code inventory

  • Buzzy Beefriend
  • Cerebral Cephalopod
  • Classy Kiwi
  • Hazeface Carapace
  • Itty Bitty Bawk
  • Li’l Bae
  • Lovely Lapin
  • Midnight Minion
  • Nilfa
  • Overrated Tortoise
  • Pandering Panda
  • Playful Scytheling
  • Sky-High Pancake Stack
  • Soul Samurai
  • Swingin’ Sinata
  • T.bat
  • Timely Dismantler
  • Troublesome Twosome
  • Wee Dawg

Apart from the long list of allies, Robo Raptor Mount and Balefire Wings can be unlocked.

May the odds be ever in your favor! And see you soon!


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