Smite: Free Alienware Ra skin code!

Smite: Free Alienware Ra skin code!

Previously I told you how to get free Smite Ra Solar Eclipse Skin and now it’s time for something different. Something out of this world. Something alienish?! Hold on tight, because in a matter of minutes you will equip your Smite Ra God with free Alienware Ra skin!

SMITE Alienware Ra PromoDue to the great interest in Smite free skins and Gods, I did some extra research to find still available offers and giveaways. You know better than I that these offers don’t last long, especially if you’re trying to redeem codes posted several months or days ago on places likeĀ reddit. The struggle is real, I guess. And who would have thought that an offer introduced in early 2014 by Alienware is still relevant? Luckily, I did.

How To Get Alienware Ra Skin Code

Magic comes with this link. Long story short: I found it using Alienware Arena search field.

The most important part is that free Alienware Ra Skin is still available and it’s bound not by time, but by quantity. Act fast though, because this offer will expire eventually.

STEP 1: Alienware Arena account

First thing you’ll need is an Alienware Arena account. Don’t worry, it’s free. Even better if you already have one and remember your log in information.

STEP 2: Get key

Click the “GET KEY” button below “SMITE Exclusive Alienware Ra Skin Giveaway” header.

Alienware Ra skin key

STEP 3: Smite Client

Login to the SMITE game client. And once you did, try to find the “Redeem Promotion” section. I can’t help it but wonder, why the heck they change its location so often? Personally, I used this sequence:

  • Click in-game STORE
  • Other
  • Account
  • Promotional Code
  • Redeem Promotion

STEP 4: Enter Your Code

This step is the final and the most rewarding part. Just enter the code you received during STEP 2 and redeem your own Alienware Ra skin for free!