EVE Online daily rewards: XVI Anniversary gifts

EVE Online daily rewards: XVI Anniversary gifts

If you ever wanted to get some sort of EVE Online daily rewards just for logging in, your time has come! Literally. From now until 20th of May, in honor of the game’s sixteenth anniversary, players have an opportunity to claim lots of free gifts every day.

Conditions for EVE Online daily rewards

Any. And by saying ANY we mean no hidden strings attached. There’s a total of sixteen days of gifts and your duty as EVE Online player is to log in on a daily basis just to claim free gifts. Easy.

What kind of goodies we are talking about?

According to the official announcement, there’s a variety of stuff to take advantage of, starting with celebratory items, exclusive 16th SKINs and attire, faction ammunition, and… a monocle, wait, what!?

The right time for Omega Upgrade

EVE Online Alpha and Omega rewardsEven though both Alpha and Omega characters can claim rewards with the same above mentioned requirements, it’s no surprise that the Omega rewards will be slightly (or not so slightly) better. In case of being an Alpha pilot and wishing to take a grasp of rewards that Omegas have yet to claim, don’t hesitate, you can upgrade your pilot even after the celebrations start and that should be enough to receive all the higher tier rewards you missed retroactively.

Loyalty gets awarded too

The best part of this whole fuss is Skill Points distribution. A matter of fact, it will be the LARGEST EVE Online’s Skill Point gift they’ve ever presented. So be sure not to miss it.

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