Smite: Free Ra God and Solar Eclipse Ra skin!

Smite: Free Ra God and Solar Eclipse Ra skin!

It’s always nice to get something for free. This time around God Ra and Solar Eclipse Ra skin are only few clicks away! Expand your SMITE gods collection with this old-new addition.

Here’s what you need to do:

STEP 1: Facebook Account

If you don’t have, open a Facebook Account and follow @smitegame.

STEP 2: Authorization

Visit official SMITE game community page, and click on birdy face Ra avatar. You’ll be redirected to Smitegame’s Facebook page with an option to authorize Hi-Rez Studios.

Hi-Rez Studios Smite

STEP 3: Claim your Solar Eclipse Ra Code

Once STEP 2 is complete, you’ll be asked to choose your platform: Xbox, Playstation or PC. Just click “GET MY CODE” button with your selection in place.

Free Solar Eclipse Ra Skin

STEP 4: Finding the right section

For some, finding Promotional codes section with SMITE’s UI is not that easy, so we will help you with this task too – just follow the sequence:

  • Store
  • Other
  • Select top left “Account” from the list
  • Promotional Code

STEP 5: Enter the promo code

Final step! Simply enter the code you received during STEP 3 and take hold of your own Ra and Solar Eclipse Ra skin for free!


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