Smite: Free Nu Wa & Water Dancer Nu Wa Skin

Smite: Free Nu Wa & Water Dancer Nu Wa Skin

This time we will show you how to obtain free Nu WA and Water Dancer Nu WA skin code for your SMITE game account.

It’s really simple and it reminds a lot our free Artemis skin guide.

STEP 1: Youtube Account

Subscribe to SMITEgame on Youtube.

STEP 2: Authorization

Visit official SMITE game community page and click barely clothed NU WA avatar. You’ll be redirected to Smitegame’s Youtube channel with an option to authorize it. In case of missing STEP 1, the red link will show up:

Unlock free Nu Wa skin

STEP 3: Generate your Water Dancer Nu Wa Skin Code

Afterwards, you’ll need to choose the right platform (Xbox, Playstation and PC) and to click “GET MY CODE” button.

Free Nu Wa Code

STEP 4: Navigating SMITE promo section

Most players struggle to find redeem codes section with SMITE’s recent UI, but we are here to aid you during this process too:

  • Store
  • Other
  • Select top left “Account” from the list
  • Promotional Code

STEP 5: Entering the code

This is it! The moment you’ve been waiting for! Simply paste the code you obtained during STEP 3 and use your free NU WA and Water Dancer Nu Wa skin next time you load the game!

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