Smite: Free Artemis God + Stalker Artemis Skin Code

Smite: Free Artemis God + Stalker Artemis Skin Code

Now to unlock free Artemis God and its Stalker skin for SMITE game is easier than ever before.

Care to know how?

Of course you do, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here in the first place, right?

STEP 1: Twitter Account

Follow @SMITEgame on Twitter.

STEP 2: Authorization

Visit official SMITE game community page, and click greenish Artemis Stalker avatar. You’ll be redirected to Smitegame’s Twitter application with an option to authorize it.

Smite free skins

STEP 3: Acquiring your Stalker Artemis Skin Code

After STEP 2 is complete, all you have to do is to choose your platform among Xbox, Playstation and PC and to click “GET MY CODE” button.

Free Artemis Skin

STEP 4: Finding the right section

Some people find it hard to redeem codes with SMITE’s newly implemented UI, but fear not, we will guide you through this step as well:

  • Store
  • Other
  • Select top left “Account” from the list
  • Promotional Code

STEP 5: Entering the code

That’s it! You almost got it! Just enter the code you received during STEP 3 and enjoy your free Artemis and Stalker Artemis!

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