Smoothie Showcase: Adam Ryland/Grey Dog Software

Smoothie Showcase: Adam Ryland/Grey Dog Software

We’re back with another edition of Smoothie Showcase. This week, we managed a quick opportunity to interview Adam Ryland of Grey Dog Software. GDS, as it’s commonly known, developed the hit Total Extreme Wrestling simulator series as well as World of Mixed Martial Arts and Comic Book Hero.

Ryland very recently helped release the official demo for Total Extreme Wrestling 2013 which is due to release on the 16th of December this year.

Smooth Town: Thanks for joining us! So, let’s get down to business. Total Extreme Wrestling 2013 is set to release within a week [Ed.: Four days to be exact!] The community is buzzing with excitement. The developer’s journal was rife with details about the improvements made to the game. The demo was recently released this past Sunday. As a developer, do you feel that this game in particular is the best offering by Grey Dog Software to date? If so, what makes it that way?

Adam Ryland: I think it is the best game I’ve done, yes, simply on the grounds it’s the the smoothest and most polished game to date, and which contains the most features. It’s several steps ahead of any of the previous games.

ST: Have you ever been personally contacted by legitimate professional athletes who might play your simulators ranging from TEW to WMMA?

AR: No, I haven’t.

ST: TEW is widely praised as a text-based simulator, but will you ever somehow build a 3D engine to simulate matches?

AR: I think that would probably be extremely costly for something which wouldn’t add a great deal to a behind-the-scenes game. It might be cost-effective if I did an actual action game, but I wouldn’t think that would be a good business move given that I’d then be competing directly with games like FirePro and the SmackDown series.

ST: Personally, I was hoping for TEW 2013 to ship with an online system despite my ignorance regarding the costs to build and maintain such an infrastructure. With that being said, have you or anyone else on the team considered implementing this feature?

AR: We have no current plans to do anything online based, no.

ST: Out of all the games you’ve made so far, which one would you say is your favorite?

AR: TEW2013 is my favourite in terms of quality. The one I would play most is [Wrestling Spirit 2], as it’s a style of game I enjoy.

ST: With Comic Book Hero being a split away from the sports games, do you have any other non-sports related simulators in mind for the future?

AR: At this point in time I don’t know what future games I do; I rarely plan more than one game ahead at a time. I am not against doing non-sports games.

ST: When was the deciding moment that you wanted to make professional wrestling/MMA simulators?

AR: I started wrestling simulators when I was about 12, as I was a huge wrestling fan then. I started MMA games with the original WMMA title a few years ago, again because I was enjoying the sport a great deal.

ST: How often do you watch wrestling nowadays, if at all?

AR: I don’t watch it at all.

ST: Who would you say is your favorite character in the C-Verse?

AR: There are so many characters that I don’t think it would be possible to pick a single favourite. As a group, the roster that ZEN have is the most fun to work with I think.

ST: When’s WMMA 4 coming out?

AR: I don’t know when that project might get started, I have not planned what my next game will be yet.

Be sure to head on over to the official GDS website and grab the TEW 2013 demo and check out the latest games available for purchase in the store.

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