Magrunner Becomes Gamesplanet Lab’s First Success

Magrunner Becomes Gamesplanet Lab’s First Success

With just two weeks left in its crowdfunding campaign, 3 AM’s Magrunner: Dark Pulse has reached its goal of one-hundred thousand Euros.

3 AM had the following statement regarding the impressive accomplishment:

“We are proud, happy, and humbled to say that Magrunner: Dark Pulse has reached its initial goal with over 2 weeks left in the crowdfunding campaign. We want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who’s pledged. Thanks for being part of this project and for helping support our dream.”

The developers have added a PVP mode along with five extra multiplayer levels to help bulk up an already fine-looking title. Although the goal of 100k Euros has been reached, the two weeks left in the campaign is still a valid time to keep supporting the game and developers as they’re looking to also release the game to the Mac along with a bonus soundtrack.

If you want to help another game reach its goal on Gamesplanet Lab, then direct yourself to the page of Day One, an adventure game currently being developed by Runaway creators, Pendulo Studios. Speaking of whom, be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Pendulo Studios if you haven’t already.

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