Smooth Town Giveaway #11: Dirt 3 + More!

Smooth Town Giveaway #11: Dirt 3 + More!

THE CONTEST IS NOW OVER! The next seven winners will be randomly picked (as always) throughout the day so keep checking back to see if you won!

The Dirt 3 Winner is: jefexp! 

Apologies for the long wait. The other seven winners (not dwarves!) are: Amanda Hugnkiss, Crayola, Gregoric, Hakeshu, JLephant, Kicking Win and Spi! Congrats to everyone!

Well, that didn’t take long! Smooth Town is back with another giveaway and this time we’re handing out a free Steam copy of acclaimed rally racing game, Dirt 3.

Not only that, but we’re also giving away tons of other smaller Steam games such as Beat Hazard and Disciples II for a maximum number of eight possible winners! That’s pretty insane if you ask me.

Dirt 3 Giveaway

So, how do you get in on this edition of giveaways? Simple! To qualify for Dirt 3, all you need to do is just comment on this article with your Steam ID. That’s it. However, for the other seven games, you need to either Like us on Facebook and comment on our official status ( with your Steam ID OR Follow us on Twitter (@Smooth_Town) and Tweet us your ID. Remember, here for Dirt 3, elsewhere for the other seven games.You have been warned! Seven people will be picked at random to win the other seven titles as well as the grand prize winner for Dirt 3.

The contest ends at Tuesday, July 10th at around 3pm EST. So, spread the word and get your entries in and make sure you follow the instructions above.

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