Review: Police Simulator 2

Review: Police Simulator 2

I recently got a copy of Police Simulator 2, published by Excalibur Publishing and designed by CyberPhobX, and I’ve been playing it on and off for the past few days. I’m usually a sucker for any kind of simulation game and when I got this, I decided to give it a try right off the bat. The game doesn’t offer too many modes, well, it has one mode to be correct. That mode is pretty much the campaign mode to say, you’re given three difficulties to select, and after you pick one, you’re on your way to controlling the police. I’m pretty sure Ice Cube would be proud. Oh, no, wait, it’s not the 90s anymore. What? Back to the review!

The game starts off slow, giving you the basic tutorial objectives, and after that, you’re on your own. The most fun I have with the game is hiring police officers and setting up patrol routes for them, I don’t know why, but I really enjoy doing that. Doesn’t take much to amuse me. As the game progresses, you can buy various vehicles for your officers to ride in, including standard patrol cars to helicopters and SWAT vans. Just like vehicles, you can also buy different police units as you unlock them, such as SWAT, and you unlock some undercover agents which can be useful for tracking criminals down in the streets. You can also place some surveillance cameras and speed traps to help with cases and the traps are an easy way to make some cash.

Where the scum lurks.

The graphics of the game aren’t too amazingly awesome, but for a simulation game, I don’t really care about that too much personally. The game seems to chug a bit for me whenever I zoom out too much, but that could just be me. I would have changed the graphic quality, but I couldn’t find the option to change it, the only options I found were just to change the volume of the game and exit fullscreen. The gameplay should be enough to keep you playing for a few hours, I know I was up pretty late last night for about an hour playing this game nonstop. Some of the objectives can be pretty challenging if you’re still not 100% what you’re doing in the game. If you don’t buy new police stations pretty fast, you’ll have to get your units to patrol out farther, which I’m not a big fan of unless they’re in a car. The game itself isn’t too fast, even though you have the option to double time, it still feels like you’re not going that fast at all. Which is fine because it gives you time to set up patrols and what not.

There is a weird pattern when it comes to crimes, when the city is most protected, there is like tons of crimes, but when Chief Wiggum is out and about, nothing happens. Speaking of crimes, they happen in the game. They can range from robbery to stabbings to homicide because no one just shoplifts anymore. When a crime happens, you’ll have to respond, and send out a unit or two depending on the force of the criminal. There are times when an officer can be wounded and sent to a hospital, but there were a few times where I’d have an officer down, and his body would just not move from where he was shot. Just looks like police bodies are littering the city. A weird bug, but it happens in these kind of games. That’s really the only kind of bug I’ve ran into playing the game, other then that, it all runs fine.

I haven’t gotten too deep into the game, because some of the objectives take a very, very long time to complete. That being said, the game is pretty enjoyable overall, and I’ll probably still be playing it for quite sometime. Even though the objectives can go from really easy to LOL GOOD LUCK LOSER pretty fast, it’s still a decent simulator. Until next time folks, here’s the rating…

Police Simulator 2 Rating

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