“Day One” Up For Funding On Gamesplanet Lab

“Day One” Up For Funding On Gamesplanet Lab

Hot off the heels of a pretty successful fundraising campaign for Magrunner, Gamesplanet Labs and Pendulo Studios, yes THE Pendulo Studios, have announced their entry into the crowdfunding battlefield: Day One.

Pendulo Studios was formed all the way back in 1994 in Spain, but never found true recognition until their well-received Runaway franchise in 2001, and their two latest releases, The Next Big Thing and Yesterday were also critically acclaimed. Now, the development powerhouse is looking to try their hand at a new series that’s looking to push the envelope more so than the Runaway games. Not only that, but the game will continue to feature the trademark point-and-click adventure gameplay only Pendulo can deliver.

The game’s plot (as described in the press release) is as follows:

“Welcome to a story about a man weary of world and tired of its broken promises. A bitter young columnist learns from his doctor that he’s less than a day to live. But back home, he finds a capsule and a note: “This will keep you alive 24 extra hours. Come to Paris for more. We’ll find you.”

The hero takes Ambrose Bierce as his model, and “The Devil’s Dictionary” as his bible – the world, like his body, is rotting more each day. Now he gets to see what really matters. Sometimes you need a few clouds in order to see something in the proper light.”

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