Smooth Town Giveaway #8 – Bastion & Half-Life 2

Smooth Town Giveaway #8 – Bastion & Half-Life 2

THE CONTEST HAS NOW ENDED! We are going to tally up the entries and assign numbers so that we may be able to choose the winners through a Random Number Generator. I would like to repeat that no one person is able to win both of these prizes. If you win Bastion, you can’t win Half-Life 2. Thanks to everyone who participated! I’ll update this exact post with the first winner who will take Bastion within the half-hour.

The winner who will take home a Steam copy of Bastion is “MasterAceReaper”! Congratulations!

The winner who will take home a Steam copy of Half-Life 2 is “dronak”! Congratulations!

Our next giveaway will take place this weekend. Possible games include Dirt 3, RAGE, Amnesia and Fear 3!

Crawl out from under your rocks, Smooth Town is back with another giveaway! Now, the latest Humble Bundle stirred up a lot of talk as it featured some hit titles such as Super Meat Boy, Amnesia and Penumbra, but if you beat the average donation, like any other bundle, you ended up getting a super special reward: Bastion. Most gamers everywhere are familiar with Bastion featuring fantastic visuals, tight controls and just overall awesomeness. However, you don’t have to take our word for it. We’re giving away a Steam copy to ONE lucky winner!

Bastion Gameplay
Bastion defines “eye candy”…

This giveaway won’t just consist of Bastion as we’re also giving away a copy of Half-Life 2. Yes, the Half-Life 2. It’s 2012, so we really don’t need to hype just how exceptional Valve’s marquee franchise is but if you don’t want to take our word for it…

Half-Life 2

The giveaway is simple: leave a comment here with your Steam ID OR Tweet us with your ID OR comment on our official Giveaway post on our Facebook. Only one entry per person. Go crazy. Winner will be decided on Monday (06/18) around 3pm (EST). Winners will be picked randomly for each prize. No one person will be able to win both prizes. The Half-Life 2 winner will be decided first and then we’ll update this exact post with the winner of Bastion. Good luck to everyone!

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