Smooth Town Giveaway #6: Sanctum

Smooth Town Giveaway #6: Sanctum

Well, we’re all human. The last giveaway underwent a number of speed bumps but to make up for it, we’re not waiting until the weekend for the next giveaway. We’re holding one starting today (5/8) and it’ll end on Thursday (5/9) around midnight EST.

UPDATE! Sorry for the wait. We had trouble having people accept our friend requests and we had to give them time to respond but they were never accepted. So we had to keep trying to find new winners again randomly picked and we found our pair! Congrats to Gato Negro and le4slie Thanks to all who participated!

So, what’re the prizes for Giveaway #6? How about Sanctum?! Sanctum is a blend of genres as it takes multiplayer, tower defense and first-person action and mixes it all up to deliver a solid gaming experience.

Sanctum Giveaway
Switch out to FPS mode to create more chaos…

Now what do you have to do for this giveaway? We’re making this one simple and all you have to do is comment on this article with your Steam ID. Everyone who does will be entered into the random drawing. However, everyone who successfully followed all the steps in the last giveaway (as overlooked by a certain someone, ahem!) will all get three total drawings giving you guys an edge over everyone else. Also, people who’ve already shared their ID in the last giveaway DO NOT have to do so this go-around. We got you covered.

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