Smooth Town Giveaway #5: Saints Row 2

Smooth Town Giveaway #5: Saints Row 2

Here we are again with another Smooth Town Giveaway “Cinco de Mayo” edition! This holiday has been known to get a little wild so what better game to get just as wild in and celebrate the holiday weekend than Saints Row 2?

Saints Row 2 was the 2008 follow-up to Saints Row 1 which set out to create some sort of competition to the Grand Theft Auto series. What ended up happening was that the Saints Row franchise ended up taking a different path by providing a crazy, over the top experience filled with constant explosions, gritty violent, gore, insurance fraud and meth lab destruction on a college campus. It’s all in there and this sort of deviation started with this title.

Saints Row Giveaway
No seriously, this game gets crazy…

So what do you have to do to get your hands on the Steam copy of this game? Follow us then tweet us your Steam ID, like us on Facebook and comment on the official giveaway status with your ID AND comment on this article with the ID. That’s right, to match the insanity of Saints Row, we’re (politely….ah who are we kidding?!) asking you to do all THREE things to qualify for the giveaway. The people who successfully does all three things are entered into a random drawing, but let’s be honest, not many people will actually take the time to do all of these so being pro-active will hopefully pay off. There will only be one copy given out!

Because of the nature of this giveaway, we’re looking to extend entries all the way until 4pm (EST) on Monday (7th of May). So, what’re you waiting? Get to it folks!

UPDATE! The contest has closed so thanks to all who participated. We actually had just one person who followed all the steps so everyone else was just a lazy bum! Honestly, this was the most demanding contest we’ve held so far but everyone did attempt to scale this mountain and we thank you for that! Steam user Detective Jimmeh Gibbs has won himself a copy of Saints Row 2 so congrats!

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