Smooth Town Giveaway #3: Killing Floor Edition

Smooth Town Giveaway #3: Killing Floor Edition

Saddle up and clear anything you might have going on today (come on, we know what day it is) and stick around Smooth Town for probably the biggest, most interactive giveaway as of yet. Our first giveaway had two readers walk away with a copy each of Gettysburg: Armored Warfare and our latest one from earlier this week had Smooth Town give away six games in total with the big prize being in Naval War: Arctic Circle.┬áThis go-around, we’re raising the stakes a bit. We only have two prizes to hand out this time, Killing Floor and King Arthur: The Role-Playing Game, but we’re making it worthwhile for this specific contest. This giveaway is going to last over the entire weekend so be sure to stay on Smooth Town.

First Contest Has Ended!

Second Contest Has Ended!

Thanks to every single person who participated! One of the biggest ones we’ve done so far. The winner of the King Arthur caption contest was – DanDaMan

The winner of the Killing Floor social contest was – DetectiveGooby

The former winner was chosen on his/her quality for the picture that was posted on Saturday. The latter winner was chosen at random using a random number generator with numbers being assigned to both Twitter/Facebook entries.

No date on the next giveaway or what we’re giving out, but as of right now, here are some possible choices: RAGE, Half-Life 2, Total War Shogun 2.

This post will be edited accordingly throughout the weekend so don’t worry about being lost. Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@Smooth_Town) and like us on Facebook ( as we may even leak some details on those sites! As always, read our articles and spread the word!

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