The Great Big Giveaway: Naval War: Arctic Circle

The Great Big Giveaway: Naval War: Arctic Circle

CONTEST IS OVER! Thanks to all who participated! Winners have been picked and will be notified! If you like free games then stay with Smooth Town, read our articles, get active, and we’ll do these giveaways a lot sooner. Want an idea for the next set of freebie games? How about King Arthur I and Killing Floor…?

After the success of the first giveaway featuring Gettysburg: Armored Warfare (congrats to those who won!), we’re definitely looking to do many more in the future. As mentioned in a previous post, much of what we’re looking to do on Smooth Town is for the benefit of you guys, the readers! Want a prime example? How about a naval-RTS game which is getting pretty solid reviews that released about a week ago? If you’re itching for a new RTS to meddle with, then look no further than this title! Expect a review for the game to be posted within the coming days but as of right now, you may be among the first to go public with an opinion about this title.

But here’s the thing, we only have one copy of Naval War to dish out for you guys. Don’t worry about these chances becoming slim or anything because we have a couple of other titles lined up expanding the number of potential winners to six. We have a copy of Lucid to give away as well as four copies of Faerie Solitaire, both very good games with adamant fanbases ready to accept more members.

So, how exactly do you get your hands on these games? Easy, we’re just picking random winners. You don’t have to do anything. At all. Just comment on this post with your Steam ID (this is important!) so we can contact you if you do win. We’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner and from there we’ll add you through Steam and send you a message with your game! What’s more is that the prizes will also be given numbers to be randomly picked from.

So our first winner who turns up in the random number generator will then have his or her prize randomly picked. It’s the fairest and easiest way to get these games out to you guys so just hope for the be….

…wait. Are you starting to become turned off by all this? Want to improve your chances? Well then, how about the first person to answer the following trivia question gets three entries into the drawing. That’s right, THREE! Again, the prizes will still be randomly chosen but you will be assigned three numbers instead of one effectively tripling your chances of winning (I think…). So here’s that question:

“Who is the PR Manager for Paradox Interactive?”

Winners will be picked and the contest will end at about 6:00pm EST tomorrow. Good luck to everyone!

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